Cardamom is a perennial herbaceous plant which is known as the “Queen of Spices”. Due to the unique flavor of green cardamom cultivated in Sri Lanka, formed by the country’s unique agroecology, green cardamom produced in Sri Lanka is known as Ceylon Cardamom. Ceylon Cardamom has created itself a niche market in the world of spices. Ceylon cardamom has a delicately pleasant flavor and a fragrance aroma. The Dried fruit or cardamom capsule is the article of trade that is used in the extraction of oil and oleoresin. Cardamom pods are spindle-shaped and have a triangular cross-section. The pods contain a number of seeds, which are small and black, while the pods differ in color and size by species. Cardamom is generally available in the form of whole fruit as a primary product, in-ground form as secondary processed products.
It is popularly used in traditional medicine; herbal spice in culinary preparations, especially used to flavor sweet dishes, confectionaries, bakery products also for flavoring of beverages and drinks is also used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Cardamom has a complex flavor profile – it’s citrusy, minty, spicy, and herbal all at the same time while being highly fragrant too. Cardamom is mainly used in the food industry as a flavoring agent. 

Ahinsa Tea

For several decades, we have exerted great efforts to produce labor and nature friendly tea in Sri Lanka. The dream became a reality when Ahinsa Tea was originally produced in 1999 in a small tea estate, namely the Nilmini Estates in the southern part of Sri Lanka.


Nilmini Estates (Pvt) Ltd, Ihala Millawa, Morawaka, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 77 317 3549

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