Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum. Its harvested unopened flower buds are important as spice used in food industry and in pharmaceutical industry. Clove oil obtained by the distillation of flower buds, inflorescence branches left after the buds have been removed, and the leaves is the other product of commercial value. It is a colorless or slightly yellowish liquid, becoming darker with age and exposure to the light. The clove tree is a medium sized symmetrically shaped tree with smooth grey bark. Fully grown trees are usually 15 – 20m tall. Cloves have a very intense aroma and are warm and sweet in flavor. The oil found within the clove stem is mildly antiseptic and is often used in dentistry to help alleviate infections and aches within the mouth. Clove from Sri Lanka has exclusive physical shape and color owing to handpick of buds and we supply high quality clove to international market.

Ahinsa Tea

For several decades, we have exerted great efforts to produce labor and nature friendly tea in Sri Lanka. The dream became a reality when Ahinsa Tea was originally produced in 1999 in a small tea estate, namely the Nilmini Estates in the southern part of Sri Lanka.


Nilmini Estates (Pvt) Ltd, Ihala Millawa, Morawaka, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 77 317 3549

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