PARCIC Project

PARCIC Organic Tea Project in Deniyaya

Since 2011, small scale tea farmers in Deniyaya, Matara District, South Province, next to Sinharaja forest have been challenging to make the organic tea with PARCIC’s support. This project aims to,

1) reduce tea small holders’ vulnerabilities in their livelihood with organic tea which can be sold in broader markets with organic premium, and

2) to protect the regional environment, especially Sinharaja forest which has been damaged by expansion of tea cultivation and chemical input for tea farming, and

3) reduce the health risk of consumers and farmers by chemical input.

PARCIC organized the organic tea farming group, Eksath Kabanika Tea Waga Karuwange Sangamaya (United Organic Tea Cultivating Association; Eksath),  and currently 87 farmers from Keeriweragama, Keeriweladola, and Batayaya,  Pallegama in Deniyaya have joined this group.

This organic tea group started to collect tea leaves from their organic tea plot and process them into organic tea at the Ahinsa tea factory of Nilmini Estate, Ihala Millawa, Morawaka. With the support by Nilmini Estate (Pvt) Ltd, about 400kg/month is produced by Eksath. PARCIC Tokyo has been selling Eksath’s tea as the fair trade product in Japan since 2013.