Out of the 20,000 Orchid varieties in the world, vanilla is the only orchid that is used as a food additive. Scientifically known as Vanilla Planifolia, the spice is native to Mexico and Central America. Vanillin is the main component found in Vanilla which emphasizes its flavor and pleasing fragrance. The commercial value of the vanilla beans is also determined based on their aroma and flavor. Vanilla is available in the forms of beans, powder, paste, extract, and oil.

This strictly unique pollination method of vanilla flower provided Mexico with a 300-year long monopoly over global vanilla trade until manual pollination was first discovered by a 12-year-old slave named Edmond Albius in now Mauritius Islands.

Vanilla cultivators in Sri Lanka and around the world grow and reproduce the plant by cutting.

Ahinsa Tea

For several decades, we have exerted great efforts to produce labor and nature friendly tea in Sri Lanka. The dream became a reality when Ahinsa Tea was originally produced in 1999 in a small tea estate, namely the Nilmini Estates in the southern part of Sri Lanka.


Nilmini Estates (Pvt) Ltd, Ihala Millawa, Morawaka, Sri Lanka
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