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Brigham Edwards

I am very grateful for the teas

I am very grateful for the teas you sent home with Nathan for us. So very excellent of a brew! We compared the Ceylon I had been drinking to Ahinsa, with your tea being of much higher quality. I have been drinking it every day since. I look forward to helping spread your beautiful leaf on the North Oregon coast.

Ashley & Georgie

What an amazing place surrounded by such beauty

What an amazing place surrounded by such beauty, lovely people, kindness and wisdom. Thank you Doctor and your incredible team!!

Chanae Cooper

A great tasting tea

Ahinsa is leading the organic tea movement in Sri Lanka. Using everything that the environment has to offer, it produces a great tasting tea that can be sustainably farmed. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Ahinsa and keep up the great work

Chisato Takahashi

Ahinsa Tea Factory won the prize ‘Social Products Award’

We received 'Social Products Award' on PARCIC's Earl Grey Tea!! Our" Earl Grey Tea" is made from Tea Leaf by Deniyaya Organic Tea Project and processed at Ahinsa Tea Factory won the prize ‘Social Products Award’. This is from the Japanese organization ‘Association for the Promote of Social Products), and it promotes environmental and society (conserve traditional culture, support vulnerable people, and so on) friendly products.アールグレイ紅茶/

Dr Emmanuel D'Silva

Happy to see new bio-gas and mini-hydropower units installed

My third visit. A lot of improvements on the land and in the factory. Happy to see new bio-gas and mini-hydropower units installed. Wish continued success of the enterprise. Emmanuel D'Silva

Jerry Moles

Produced the superior flavor that I enjoyed

Tasting Ahinsa Tea, I wanted to know what special care had gone into its preparation. Then, visiting the estate and factory where the tea is produced, I became aware of the remarkable dedication not only to producing a superior tea but to do so organically without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Beyond this, the care of the soils, the provision of the habitats for native flora and fauna, and the protection of the waters that flow through the estate from the Sinharaja rainforest, a world heritage site, for all those downstream demonstrate an environmental ethic rarely found. Then reviewing the policies that protect the staff with superior pay and providing housing, safe water, healthcare and educational opportunities for their children made me realize that it wasn’t just one thing or the other that made the tea special. Rather it was all of these things together that produced the superior flavor that I enjoyed. Managed by Dr. Piya Abeygunawardena, educated at Texas A&M, a leading USA university, the attention to detail in the absolute cleanliness of the factory, the latest machinery, and the quality control exerted at every step of processing and packaging leaves no stone unturned in producing the taste that I appreciate. In talking to Professor Abeygunawardena, I realized that his goals extend far beyond the boundaries of the estate in creating economic opportunities for the villagers, workers, and leaf supplying “small holder” in the surrounding villages to gain greater incomes while protecting the health of their families and environment through organic production methods. On a special evening, I had dinner with many of the staff listening to their stories about how they continually work as a team to improve the quality of soils of the estate to produce pure organic tea now sought out by discriminating buyers from around the world. Try the tea. Visit the estate and factory. You too will be amazed.

Nathan Wakeford
Nathan Wakeford

It’s our idea of heaven

It took a long time for Chamellia to source our premium Organic tea. After visiting nearly 100 estates around the world - and consuming more cuppas than we care to count –we uncovered a gem in Ruhuna, Sri Lanka’s southwestern tea growing region. It’s our idea of heaven: a verdant rainforest lush with tea shrubs, bubbling streams and plant life, courtesy of nearby Dellawa Forest Reserve. Nathan Wakeford Somage Fine Foods - Australia (President of AustralAsian Specialty Tea Association)

Yanina Ferreyra
Yanina Ferreyra D

I am amazed by the work they are doing

I've visited Ahinsa state during December 2015. I work with On a coffee in Australia and wanted to learn more about specialty tea at the origin. I am amazed by the work they are doing not only with the tea itself but with the whole community around them. To produce organic tea isn't easy but with the right information and care from seed to cup the results are so different. We were so lucky to get a tour around the factory and right after a tea cupping session. At the next day they were celebrating ahinsa day, when they take a rest and the whole community participates with local dancing, food, and different religious activities. We felt so happy to be able to share this day with them. There is also accomodation available at the state or on the town close by. Definitely recommend to visit if you are looking to learn more about quality tea

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